Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ys PS4 Project - New Details on Story, Development and Characters

Dengeki PlayStation has revealed new details about the game's story and development.

Ys for PS4 and PS Vita is set to take place just before Ys Seven, at some point between Ys V: Lost Kefin, Kingdom of Sand and Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim. The game takes place in the Goethe Sea archipelago of South Gria. Characters from previous Ys games will also make on appearance. Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo said the development staff are very motivated to the game's development on the PS4. And will uses PS4's unique Share functions and such.

The new Ys game for PS4 and PS Vita is set to release sometime in 2015.

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