Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Shining Resonance - New Screenshots, Characters, BAND System, LE Kirika Action Figure

Shining Resonance is a PS3 exclusive RPG from SEGA. Set to release on December 11th 2014 in Japan. A limited edition of the game will also be available, which includes a 26cm tall detailed figurine of the character Kirika, in a thin bikini. And a DLC bikini costume for Kirika. The limited edition will cost you 16,800 yen ($165 USD).

During battle, there is a gauge on the left, called the Party Gauge. It fills up as you successfully attack enemies. You can use either normal attacks or Break Attacks to fill it up. Break Attacks are special attacks that characters use. Break Attacks allows the player to repeatedly connect with an enemy, increasingly have the chance of inflicting Break status on them. The Party Gauge contains three levels which correspond to varying strengths of BAND attacks. BAND attacks are performances of Rune Songs. The images of the BAND system menu allows the player to choose the Center party character in the attack. The effects of a BAND attack vary depending on who the center character is. For example, setting Kirika as the Center will allow you take less damage and be more resilient against status ailments.

Battles are initiated by approaching an enemy on the field. Players can attack multiple times and form combos but only within the bounds of your character's Action Points/AP. The AP for the player character will be displayed at the bottom of their model during battle. AP can be refilled either over time or through Force Moves. They cost MP to use and are performed by combining an L button and the Triangle button.

Marion Lu Shila (VA = Miyuki Sawashiro)
Marion is a young man (yes that's right) who’s a member of Beowulf. Marion was created by the church to be a living weapon. He's got a demonic dragon left eye, and has two personalities that argue constantly. This makes him very powerful. He's primary role is a sniper.

Joachim Rubens (VA = Kazuya Nakai)
Joachim is a scientist who also works for Beowulf. He's extremely gifted in biology and medicine amd researcher in the field of ancient dark magic. Joachim also creates living weapons like Marion.

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