Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Disgaea 5 PS4 - New Story, Character, PS4 Details

Famitsu have new details on the upcoming PS4 exclusive from Nippon Ichi Software. Story of Disgaea 5 centers around revenge. Kila is the game's protagonist. He is young demon boy, who swears to get revenge against the demon emperor Void Dark. Seraphine is the heroine of the game. She comes from an upper-class family, and is the demon lord of the Gorgeous Underworld. The other character, Usalia, is the demon lord of a place called Rabbit Rabbit World. She is affected by a curse that makes her go violent unless she eats curry.

If u are lucky enough to live in Japan. A product code for a trial version of the game will be included in the September 25th issue of Dengeki PlayStation magazine. With other JRPG titles like Persona 5, coming out for both PS4 and PS3. Nippon Ichi president Sohei Niikawa, shared the company's decision to go PS4 only:

"We thought about going multi-platform with PlayStation 3, but doing so would’ve made the PS3 the standard. Since we’re making it, I want to be able to offer something that could only be done with the PlayStation 4. The number of characters that can be displayed at once has vastly grown. On the PlayStation 3 it was limited to 10 characters shown in high definition, but the PlayStation 4 can display 100 characters."

Disgaea 5 for PS4 releases Spring 2015 in Japan.

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